[Pipet Devel] BlueBox

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Mon Sep 4 12:38:04 EDT 2000


Before Brad and I found out about ISYS and OpenBSA, we planned on a
collaboration with the developers of BlueBox (developed by dLoo Software and
licensed under the LGPL):


I'm trying to get Nile Geisinger (head developer of BlueBox) on this list.  In
the meantime, I think you might want to take a close look at BlueBox.  I
believe OpenBSA, ISYS, and BlueBox have a great deal in common.

Also, the thought has been brought up more than once (even with Nile) that
Piper may be best used as a pipeline infrastructure for systems like BlueBox,
OpenBSA, and ISYS, and that Piper should generally leave the user interface
end of operations to those systems.  I think this may be the working ground
for DNP API specifications.

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