[Pipet Devel] Is this accurate?

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at hermes.usherb.ca
Mon Sep 4 15:04:02 EDT 2000

> Workers in the life sciences seem to have the most enthusiasm for
> Piper; genetics researchers, for instance, can easily see
> the benefits of a system that makes it easy to build
> filters and computations on a remote store for the human
> genome or other massive datasets.

I'd also like to add that not all Piper developers are working on Life sciences.
I'm co-author of the Piper processing layer (the Overflow project), which was
primarly developped for signal (speech, image) processing, from an electrical
engineering point of view. I think Piper is more than a life science thing.

Other than that, I agree with the article.


Jean-Marc Valin
Universite de Sherbrooke - Genie Electrique
valj01 at gel.usherb.ca

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