[Pipet Devel] GPL/LGPL issues

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Mon Sep 11 18:42:47 EDT 2000

Jean-Marc wrote:
[CORBA stuff]
>  You're right, the only thing I was a bit worried was that it would
>  change in
>  later versions of the (L)GPL. 

Right, but I guess it doesn't sound like it from Richard Stallman's mail,
so I guess we shouldn't speculate about it if the lawyers aren't!

[...my simplistic view of linking...]
>  It's not as simple as that. You can link a closed-source program with
>  an LGPL library, but whether you can link the library (libdata-flow)
to a
>  closed source plugin (library) is unclear. 

So what does this mean? That there is no way that anyone could "legally"
write a non-free plugin, even if we use a LGPL license? Does this relate
to just using a plugin or to writing and "distributing"/selling a plugin?
Damn, licenses make my head hurt!

>  Do you want "one license for every part" or the same license for all
>  the parts,
>  it's unclear to me?

I am for the same overall license for all of the parts. I would like
Piper to just be one big program and all be covered together under the
exact same license. At least, that is my vote :-).


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