[Pipet Devel] GPL/LGPL issues

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Mon Sep 11 19:30:35 EDT 2000

Brad Chapman wrote:
> Jeff wrote:
> >  Give me an example of a "plugin" for Piper.  Will a plugin work via
> >  CORBA?
> I think a plugin is any "node" that runs under Piper. So a TextViewer is
> a plugin, a NetExec is a plugin, etc. I think that there should be a
> CORBA interface to write plugins in, but there is also the current
> linking system (writing the plugins in C++), so I think there will be
> both CORBA and non-CORBA plugins, eventually.

Okay.  But, as I've mentioned a number of times before, we need to write an
exception for these in our license.  Providing they are operating as nodes,
they can use any license.

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