[Pipet Devel] First release of the Snapper Development System

Peter van Heusden pvh at egenetics.com
Thu Sep 14 04:55:47 EDT 2000

There is an interesting article on the GNOME news site about this Snapper
thing. http://news.gnome.org/gnome-news/968873979/

Here's the first paragraph:

"The Snapper Development System enables a Linux GTK+/Gnome application to
be "beamed" to a user desktop or web appliance running Linux. Snapper
works by embedding the application in an XML file, which can reside in a
relational database or on a file or web server, and since the application
is GTK+/Gnome based the user will enjoy the "look and feel", and speed of
a native Linux program. By using this foundation the possibilities are

Sounds vaguely like BlueBox, without the cross platform stuff, or
ALBeanBox with more precision in terms of GUI.

Peter van Heusden				pvh at egenetics.com
Electric Genetics

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