[Pipet Devel] C -> C++ conversion of the BL

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Fri Sep 29 17:53:27 EDT 2000

I know I'm going to hear some groans about this, but Jarl and Brad have been
working to convert the code base of GMS (now the Brokering Layer) from C to
C++.  Why the Hell do we want to do that?  We have 3 related reasons:

    o  The PL (Overflow) and the BL need to be built together,
       and since the PL is in C++ (and probably can't be in C),
       we thought the compilations would go more smovely for
       the user if both layers were in C++.

       (Recall that the BL and PL are GMS and Overflow, two
        different projects that are now being merged.)

    o  One language for the Run-Time Subsystem would mean
       less dependencies.  For example, STL vs. STL+GLIB.

    o  Two languages (Python and C++) for Piper would be
       less complicated for development than 3 languages.

Anyway, I guess Jarl is half-way or so through with the conversion, so there's
no use in debating the qualities of C++.  What I am hoping is that someone
here with C and C++ experience could help expedite the conversion, which would
speed the merger of GMS and Overflow as well as the release of a networkable

Any volunteers?

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