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J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Fri Sep 29 18:12:16 EDT 2000

"Timothy H. Keitt" wrote:
> I am a lurker. :-)  Really what I want to do is evaluate piper to see if it fits my
> needs (environmental systems modeling, spatial ecology).  It seems that the first
> order of business is packaging.  If users can download and try the software using
> rpm/dpkg, then they will get interested contributing.  (My preference would be debs as
> I'm running debian.  Most of the support libraries are already available in woody.)

Hey Tim,

Since I'm promoting the system to computer users of intermediate experience,
packaging is a big issue to me.  But, like everything else, we can't do it if
no one here can help.  I know that Brad, Jarl and Jean-Marc have all said that
they don't care for packages, that they'd rather build from the source, so we
can't expect them to do it.  I might be able to help with RPM's, but I'll have
to learn first :-P

If you want to help build .deb packages, that'd be great.  It would help bring
Piper to a larger audience (although Debian users may know how to compile
code, Corel users use dpkg too).

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