[Pipet Devel] Re: compaq beowulf cluster?

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Sun Feb 11 13:24:14 EST 2001

Jarl van Katwijk wrote:
> Yes, 'how long will it take', sorry, I translated a dutch way of saying
> too directly into english :)
> May would be very soon, good news!
> But even when this wont get a go, this mean more and more people are
> taking the piper project seriously.

Nobody here should be holding their breath waiting for this :-)  But it has
been my plan all-along to get a Beowulf cluster for Piper.  Whether we get one
for free or through a grant, has yet to be seen, but we will get one!

The cluster will meet two goals.  My plan has been to make Piper available (on
some big iron) as a service of Bioinformatics.org, not only to be useful to
scientists but also to develop and improve the organization.  In addition,
this cluster will be a "big Piper node" on the Internet, and it will go a long
way toward making Piper usable.

I hope you feel better soon, Jarl :-)

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