[Pipet Devel] BL classes

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 16 19:13:22 EST 2001


Just a small post, it might clarify more of the BL.

The inheritance structure of the BL of Piper looks like this:

        data    <-- data that nodes transport
        node    <-- node layer, the core of the system
        |  |
 relation  |    <-- Handles relations between node, also the conflicts
        |  |
        |  legacy <- legacy code, OS\hardware specific stuff
        |  |
        resource <- Handles resources (ram, hd space, etc.)
        area <-- all above this (data->resource) is private, but
        |        through wrappers
        engine <- few public functions for the admin layer
        |  |
        |  admin  <- external interfaces to engine, may be GUI or
        plugin    <- nodes in BL are implemented by plugins
        | | |
        | | visual <- plugins of type visual, cq output nodes
        | |
        | filter   <- plugins of type filter, cq internal nodes
        sensor     <- plugins of type sensor, cq input nodes

Maybe somebody has some feedback about it. It looks like the right
structure so far, the BL core already runs based on this. I'm now doing
the DL and PL code. (Both BL plugins)


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