[Pipet Devel] progress

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Tue Jan 9 17:34:18 EST 2001

Hey all!
Sorry I haven't had time to get gack with you all and try out the
brand spanking new CVS stuff before now.

Anyways, I just took a look at the CVS version and have some feedback
(as requested :-). I hope this stuff helps.

In general, things look very nice -- it is great to see everything
working together. Here are the comments from the buffer I kept
while looking at things:

* I made a small fix to the PID storing code (in the dl python part)
because if you don't have the PID directory already created, python
would complain.

* There seem to be some lingering problems from Jeff's new UI
structure. The things that I noticed that used to work before and no
longer do now are:
  o deleting nodes (with shift-click)
  o adding containers
  o moving around components once they are added

>From the python tracebacks, it looks like these are all due to
differences between Jeff's new code and how things are supposed to

* There are a bunch of Overflow messages that get spit out. They don't 
seem to cause any problems, but I can't explain 'em, either.

* The code for submitting to the BL seems to work fine. Good work with 
your python, Jarl :-) I'm glad I commented enough so you could make sense
of the part that needed to be filled in. Note that right now sometimes 
there will be a python traceback if you click on submit. This is
expected, and it will make sense if you read the error message (at
least it makes sense to me :-) -- the reason for the message is this:

Right now, the way the submission works is that the node that is
selected (the one with the box around it) is the "sink" or pull node
that the results all will pull from. If you don't have a node selected 
then the DL will raise an error (rightly so!). This is a CORBA error
and is passed to the UI without a problem, so eventually the UI could
catch it and display an error box or something. But right now the text 
warning is all you get :-). 

Other than that the submission seems to work -- now Jarl and Jean-Marc 
just need to work on submitting the XML to the PL for
processing... You should just be able to feed into UIDocument::run()
(unless things are changed) but from there I don't know what your guys 
plans are :-).

* Right now the ./piper script seems to require that the bin directory 
is on the users path -- do you want that requirement?

Well that's it that I noticed. I hope this helps some with things --
I'm really happy to see all the work going on with the code!


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