[Pipet Devel] progress

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Wed Jan 24 05:48:25 EST 2001

Hi Jeff! 
Sorry to be so slow -- my ISP has been dead for the past couple of days.

> > * There seem to be some lingering problems from Jeff's new UI
> > structure. The things that I noticed that used to work before and no
> > longer do now are:
> > 
> >   o deleting nodes (with shift-click)
> >   o adding containers
> >   o moving around components once they are added
> Brad, I don't get an error for moving around components.  Do you get a
> traceback?  If so, could you send it to me.  Also, what version of Gtk/Gnome
> are you using?

Ooops, I don't know why I wrote components -- I meant "composite", as
in just the composite node types. Here is the traceback I get, if you
can't duplicate this over there:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.0/site-packages/gtk.py", line 125, in __call__
    ret = apply(self.func, a)
  File "/home/chapmanb/test/piper/piper/uil/pied/modules/network.py", line 371, in node_event
    self.node_motion_notify(event, node)
  File "/home/chapmanb/test/piper/piper/uil/pied/modules/network.py", line 447, in node_motion_notify
    self.node_move(node, move_x, move_y)
  File "/home/chapmanb/test/piper/piper/uil/pied/modules/network.py", line 513, in node_move
    if (node.windowlet.shown == 1):
AttributeError: 'PiedNode' instance has no attribute 'windowlet'

This is with gtk-1.2.8, gnomelibs-1.2.4, py-gnome-1.0.53 and
py-gtk-0.6.6. I haven't really been following py-gtk development very
much -- do I need to upgrade or do you see this problem too?


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