[Pipet Devel] piper developers meeting

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sun Jan 28 09:00:33 EST 2001

[proposed Piper meeting in July in Copenhagen to coincide with ISMB 2001]

> Okay, then the only question is, will Jean-Marc and Brad come? 
> Brad?

As of right now, I'm planning on being at ISMB
(http://ismb01.cbs.dtu.dk/, in case Jarl or Jean-Marc is interested in 
why we'd want to go to Denmark). It probably depends on two factors
for me, whether or not there is a Bioinformatics Open Source
Conference, and whether or not I can finish enough research to present 
a poster. Right now I'm hopeful for both of these, so I think I'll be

Of course, you guys should schedule to make things easiest for
yourselves first -- you are the main developers on this!


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