[Pipet Devel] Piper HOWTO

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at yournews.nl
Mon Jan 29 06:13:56 EST 2001

> > Jeff: It seems exspecially the GUI needs a doc, I myself dont understant it fully, so
> > probably new users wont do so too. So Jeff, can you start such a doc?
> I wrote a teeny HOWTO in the README file in the pied directory.
> Of course, something to consider is the fact that Pied/Piper might not always
> be the user's UI.  But, we do need to write the HOWTO with *SOME* UI in mind,
> so it might as well be Pied/Piper.

Ic, forgot. Ok, once you got the Pied HOWTO, I'll copy your framework and start a Piper
HOWTO. This Piper howto wont be very usefull for some time, because there isn't much to
configure right now. But good thing to start these docs so we wont have to write a huge one

> Would you like me to begin the HOWTO?

Please do!


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