[Pipet Devel] kapi (was: Piper HOWTO)

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at yournews.nl
Mon Jan 29 08:48:09 EST 2001

> You could also make a C++ version that is "inspired by" (not derived directly
> from) kapi.  How hard would it be to do that?

Hmm.. I need to port the code so it compiles with gcc, recode all variable types
to glib ones, probably replace the network code, rename all stuff to be very
standard (strip 'kapi' naming prefixes) and port to C++. I even might need to put
the code into classes. Wont be much original lines left after that. ;)

> Are you *SURE* there is no GNU C or C++ version out there somewhere?

Nope. Been searching various times for 6months now, and even this old version of
kapi I found was darn hard to find.

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