[Pipet Devel] Re: kapi (was: Piper HOWTO)

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Tue Jan 30 05:52:25 EST 2001

> You're right.  Using kapi as a separate, but required, library only solves the
> problem for non-commercial users.  However, it makes the commercial use of
> Piper illegal (the L/GPL cannot be mixed with commercial licenses).  Unless,
> of course, we ammend the L/GPL and used a mixed license.  I don't want to do
> that, though.
> We're in a tight spot here.

I didn't got any reply on my requests to the Kapi contact persons yet. So the plan
is if there comes a positive reply that we can re-licence the code I'll clean up the
code and hook it into the BL. If not, we'll code our own kqml implementation from
scratch based on this  example code.

Some extra we get by using kqml is that it has a (sub-) system included called ANS
that handles localisation on nodes. So I can handle the 'central localisation
server' we got in mind for Piper.

any more obstacles?


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