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Jarl van Katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Thu Mar 15 22:19:35 EST 2001

"J.W. Bizzaro" wrote:
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> Subject: Re: ATP
> Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 17:16:32 -0500
> From: "J.W. Bizzaro" <jeff at bioinformatics.org>
> To: "John B. Kennedy" <jkennedy at openchannelsoftware.org>
> CC: Doug Curry <dcurry at openchannelsoftware.com>
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> "John B. Kennedy" wrote:
> >
> > She said the first answer was fine, but the second did not matter. It seems
> > that they want to fund only projects that have a high technical risk and a
> > low business risk. They like to be the funder of projects that are too early
> > for VC but the market is clearly there once built.
> I read some of what was there on the website.  It does appear that they are
> looking for technologies that would be revolutionary, if only they would
> work.  Another way to look at it, is they don't require fruit from the
> labor, but, if there is fuit, it must be marketable.


Exciting news you brough up. Looks like piper could use some more
resources, and as long as we keep LGPL alive all should be well. I'm
curious though if there will be any concequences for Piper. Because if
any funds were granted, they will be for 'the' Piper project. What about
when elements will be dropped, or redesigned? Which features will we
need to keep? I know this wont be possible to answer presicely but I'm
sure you have a fealing about this. And skip the obvious features ;)

> Because, in my
> opinion, there is nothing that you cannot program a computer to do, isolated
> inside of its own environment, the "computational universe", given enough
> time. 
There are sone wiseass algoritms that dont agree, like time-exponential.
Cant think of any use for them ..

> > while keeping close to the open source principles
> > that you and your fellow collaborators believe in.
'keeping close to open source',  Is this diplomat slang for 'remaining

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