[Pipet Devel] Piper progress

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Thu May 3 20:38:27 EDT 2001

Jarl van Katwijk wrote:
> Maybe some more out the BL blackbox: SRS plugged into the BL is a BL
> node. And that makes a BL network a set of plugged software.

I don't know if I would represent a BL node as a node in the GUI though.  What
do you think?

> > Would it be CORBA-based?  Is there much work left to have such an API?
> Nope, no corba, the plugins are binaries. Corbatized plugins break too
> much: handling communications for corbatized plugins is impossible, and
> security is done with too.

No CORBA is used with the plugins?  But you just said that the DL and PL are
plugins, and the use CORBA to connect to the BL.  Maybe I'm getting something

> > Well, I'm the biggest slacker here.  I hope that will change soon (that I
> > become more productive, not that everyone else becomes less ;-)).
> You'll get sorry about this promise ;)   Anything on you mind to work on
> already?

Yeah, I know that I have a list of requests from you and Brad...that old :-( 
Any new requests?

Actually, I've been working on an unrelated program on the side too, and that
has been taking up some of my time.  It's a bioinformatics tool written in
Python.  So, at least I'm getting some practice with the language.

> [kopenhagen - danmark]
> I could be 2-3 days around, no preferences about the date. Maybe 1 day
> before or after the actual BOSC?

Cool.  Would you expect several people to commit to participating before you
make the trip, or would you be willing to go just for little old me?  ;-)

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