[Pipet Devel] ideas for a smaller piper core

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Mon May 28 14:43:11 EDT 2001

Hi Jeff,

Just a short inpression of me, I'll write a long detailed one later this
evening, have to go out now.

Basically I agree fully with you Jeff that Piper should get less
dependancies, or put otherwise: Piper should requiere less external
packages needed to install. A solution might be to bundle everything
that's needed into Piper releases and make and install procedure that
handles already availeble dependacies by not installing them. 

About the modulairity: to me Piper is just a set of specifications
implemented by packages of software labeled 'Piper compliant' by us.
There has to be an 'official' Piper package containing the default
software for every layer (a GUI,DL,BL and PL). For now using Overflow++
for the PL seems most logical. Could change, like it can for every
layer, when there are more implementations and we chose the 'best'
whatever that might be. 

more on this later ;)

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