[Pipet Users] Pipers

Adrian Hosey ahosey at kiva.net
Tue Apr 17 16:32:18 EDT 2001

On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
: "J.W. Bizzaro" a écrit :
: > It makes me wonder if we should use the name "GNU Piper" instead.
: That would mean that Piper would have to be part of the GNU project,
: otherwise it would be misleading. Either we stick to Piper (and enter it
: as "piperproject" or something like that on freespeech/sourceforge) or
: we find a different name. BTW, "GNU Piper" would be as confusing as
: "Piper", because nobody notices the "GNU" anymore...

Has the other fellow already declined to rename his project? There's
nothing inherently wrong with having two projects with the same common
name, but it is to his advantage to have a distinct name as much as it is
to (this) Piper project. If he's willing to do that then it's all good.

      - A

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