[Pipet Users] New Overflow feature

Jean-Marc Valin valj01 at gel.usherb.ca
Thu Aug 2 22:57:15 EDT 2001


I'm still not sure how it could fit within Piper, but I thought it could be
interesting. I just implemented a new feature in Overflow: automatic code
generation from a .n (XML) program. Overflow can output code that allows
buildint a Network without the XML layer and optionaly, find all the files the
"program" depends on so a (static) standalone executable can be built (it
wouldn't need Overflow at all to work). It's not in a release yet, but
everything's in CVS if you want to try it. 

To use the feature, click on the "build" button on the toolbar and select
"generate main" and "put dependencies". Choose a (preferably empty) directory
and click OK. You'll end up with a bunch of .cc and .h files in that directory.
Just compiling all them together will produce an executable. The flags are:

g++ -O2 -c somefile.cc -I. `overflow-config config --cflags`

I think it would be nice because you could run a Piper program even without
having Piper installed.


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