[Pipet Users] Update

jarl van katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 6 15:22:23 EST 2001

> Could you explain again what those messages would be like: what is their
> purpose, what kind of embedded information/data do they transport, etc.

The main task of the BL is communications between instances of Piper. Emerging
tasks are resource management and security.

Some issues that come to mind atm are:
1. Resource localisation (a central registration server that keeps track of Piper
2. Offered data streaming (push)
3. Requested data streaming (pull)

Other stuff we'll need, and that's outside the scope of kqml, are
4. Node relocation (numero uno pain in the butt)
5. Authentication (probably Akenti, but maybe Sesame)
6. Resouce management (like ram, HD space, ea)

> As far as KQML as an intercommunication language, I've had bad experiences
> with it, mainly because it's not really a standard, so you end up with a
> lot of KQML dialects. That can be worse than having "piper's own
> communication language" and providing KQML translators for specific
> applications.

Ic. This is bad indead. darn.. really bad. Maybe that's why all the code I could
find was made 5-6 years ago.

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