[Pipet Users] Update

jarl van katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 6 17:25:07 EST 2001

> Since there are so many P2P systems out there, we probably don't need to
> invent anything of our own when it comes to directory services.  But I don't
> know if a CORBA-based directory service is still on the slate.

Ok, we wont go for the all-on-one-place design, that's for sure. The central
service I have in mind is just for locating other piper systems. Nothing else,
just a list of IP numbers. All other stuff is P2P.

> > Depending on what you actually need, you may get away with something like
> > RPC-over-something-else. Ever thought of SOAP maybe? Narval is using the
> > python implementation by pythonware.com. Slow, but standard.
> I know little about SOAP, but I know that CORBA is pretty much in the same
> class.  To what extent can we make use of CORBA over KQML (or SOAP or

There're two thing here: transport and language. I wasn't even considering the
transport until now ;) But after the bad news about the dialects of KQML I found
this: http://www.fipa.org/specs/pesspecs.tar.gz. I'll try to isolate relevant
documents\pages and make them subject to discussion.

> Also, how about using only the parts of KQML that we like or need?  There
> probably isn't much use in sticking to a standard that doesn't exist ;-)

No:(  I find consolation in the fact that I hardly started coding on kqml.


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