[Pipet Users] P2P

jarl van katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 6 18:25:08 EST 2001

> I thought about this for a while: How will a user know who they can connect to
> (who is out there) when there will be no central directory service?  And I
> think the solution is simple.  We can do what XChat does: include a list of
> addresses with the software.  Perhaps we can have a modifiable list for each
> user, let's say an "address book".  We'll simply put a few addresses in there
> to start them off.
> Actually, if we have a few "big nodes" (or instances of Piper) running (at
> Bioinformatics.org for one), all that the users will have to do is connect to
> them, and, because Piper is a P2P system, users will have access to more than
> what is local to the big node.  Users will have access to all instances of
> Piper connected (all that are public anyway).  The effect would be nearly the
> same as having a central directory service.

Very good thinking Jeff! I like this best of what passed until now. You just got 2
cents richer


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