[Pipet Users] Khoros and Cantata

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Sat Feb 10 17:15:23 EST 2001

I agree completely.  The existence of UNIX (even BSD UNIX) did not deter Linus
from developing Linux, and it is a Good Thing that it did not.  Plus, I think
we have many good ideas that do not exist anywhere else.  Jeff

Karl-Max Wagner wrote:
> In your place I'd not care much whether it is older or not or
> whether it exists or suchlike. In real life the question is not
> who was first but who was first to put a thing into common
> practice. Linux is the rererere.....incarnation of Unix, but
> nevertheless, being free it became everybody's friend and
> devoured pretty much all of its older non free peers. Free
> Software is also very much about putting technologies into
> common practice and as such free stuff in the long run eats up
> proprietary stuff. Thus work put into piper is work well spent
> for sure.

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