[Pipet Users] Khoros and Cantata

Karl-Max Wagner karlmax at oberland.net
Sun Feb 11 07:59:15 EST 2001

> And Free/Open Source projects are often criticized for lacking innovation.

Somehow I wonder what these people are thinking about. Would
Linux have a chance by being a clone of Windows ? Of course not
! Linux has a chance because it is technically far superior. By
reiterating old technology Linux sure wouldn't beat everything
else speedwise, for example.

> > This led to a state of hight modularization in the project which
> > is already paying off: more projects now are joining in ( lately
> > we got Narval on board, for an example ).
> I hope so.  I think that once we get the pilot version out and posted on
> Freshmeat, we'll be turning up the volume quite a bit (no pun about audio
> processing intended).

You may do it - or not. I don't think that it makes a real
difference. The popularity comes automatically when the bundle
of projects piper comes with solve a lot of problems no other
product can solve. It is much more important to finally make
some sort of distribution ( maybe by bundling in the stuff it
needs as prerequisites and make an overall makefile, so that the
./configure - make - make install procedure works without a
hitch on just about any *nix system ). And much more and more
detailed documentation is required. 

IMHO it is better to work at sorting out all those issues before
turning up volume. And in any case: we do not have to work
according to a timeline. We deliver when it's ready. Full Stop.

>   http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=01/02/08/2344210&mode=flat
> But perhaps it has nothing to do with visual programming.  It'd be nice to see

It has - but more with conventional visual programming.

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