[Pipet Users] Command Compilation in Piper: A Discourse

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Tue Feb 13 17:00:50 EST 2001

Nicolas Chauvat wrote:
> We may choose not to care about the difference between flag and
> filename strings in Piper. What I was saying is that this will eventually
> prevent us to do things like adding a "help" button to inputs that
> would open a file browser when a filename is needed or a drop-down
> list of possible options when a flag is needed, or check that the
> filename you gave is an actual file, etc.

Right, this is exactly the difference in *FUNCTIONALITY* that I see between
different "nodes used to build a command".  *BUT*, after the discussions
we've had, I should point out that these "nodes used to build a command",
that Nicolas is referring to, are what Jean-Marc would refer to as
different, individual "subnets".  These nodes that Nicolas and I invision
are not "basic node types".

In Jean-Marc's screenshot, he built a command much more simply than I would
have.  He placed the "basic node type" of "Add" where I would have put some
"subnets".  *AND* (now this is important) THE SUBNETS WOULD BE *NAMED*

I hope this cleared up the confusion between everyone.  Did it?


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