[Pipet Users] Why Gnutella Can't Scale. No, Really.

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 15 06:22:45 EST 2001

> I'll briefly note that Piper may avoid the "Gnutella problem" two ways:
> (1) Compared to Gnutella, very little information will be passed between
> instances of Piper.  Program *SERVICES* are shared; programs themselves remain
> put.  I think data transfers will be like serving web pages.  Compare that to
> Gnutella transferring 2-4 MB mp3 files.

Hmm, in the conclusion of the article they say:

And it should also be noted that only search query and response traffic
was accounted for, omitting various other types of Gnutella traffic such
as PING, PONG, and most importantly, the bandwidth costs incurred by
actual file transfers. 2.4GBps is just search and response traffic, but
what about the obnoxiously large amount of bandwidth necessary to
transfer files between clients? 


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