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J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Sun Feb 18 00:48:09 EST 2001

I combined Nicolas's and Jarl's documents into a single one.  It is in the


module, *NOT* the piper module.  I think that we should *NOT* put docs in the
piper module for now, because we don't have anything formalized, and scattered
bits and pieces of documentation may be more than users can manage.  Plus,
with images and all, these docs can add a bit to the package size.

Once we have a couple complete manuals, they can go in the piper module.

I think that we should call this document the

    "Piper Developer's Manual"

And I have split Nicolas's and Jarl's contributions into 2 parts: Goals and
Design.  I did not attempt to do as Jarl said: "every subsection should start
by a 'what' and defined by a 'how'", because there is little overlap between
what I've got (IOW, Nicolas didn't write "The purpose of the BL is...").

Oh, it is attached.

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