[Pipet Users] Piper & Overflow problem

Karl-Max Wagner karlmax at oberland.net
Mon Jan 22 19:30:54 EST 2001

> > deMoivre:~#
> > Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library

That is probably OK, because I didn't set any locale and no time

> > /dev/dsp: No such device

This is OK, too, as there is no sound card in this machine.
However, that is not the point: I have no need for the sound
routines anyway. Or is it the problem that due to this some
stuff wasn't compiled into Overflow and this is causing havoc
now ? Just guessing......

What I worry a lot more about is that an apparently important
function in all the modules is undefined.
I am running Slackware 7.0 here. Python is version 1.5. Gtk is
version 1.2.6. If you need more info, just tell me what.

Maybe I should tell you what I want to do with piper: I am
developing a system for softradio design, which takes a block
diagram of a system, makes a mthematical model of it, runs it
against a path simulation, and finally synthesizes DSP code from
a library of functions to be loaded into prefabricated softradio
testboxes. The whole stuff is to be released under GNU/GPL as
soon as I have a working prototype. After that the design can be
tested in real life. Not that unlike what FreeSpeech does. The
idea of piper suits my needs very well because a data flow
oriented GUI frontend is pretty much what is needed for my

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