[Pipet Users] Piper startup logging...

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Sun Jan 28 22:36:24 EST 2001

Karl-Max Wagner wrote:
> A quick check showed that everything in there was in a virgin
> state. When compiling, there were errors about some omniORB
> stuff not found: the omniORB install process is kinda
> incomplete, so I did some mass linking into /usr/local/include
> and /usr/local/lib to fix this ( btw. if anybody has some tips
> of what of omniORB is to be installed manually where I'd
> appreciate this ;-)).

On my system, I kept the omniORB install directory in place and then (re)set
the environment variables in my .bashrc:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/opt/omniORB_300/bin/i586_linux_2.0_glibc2.1

You can see by this, though, that the contents of lib/<os> and bin/<os> can be
dumped into your corresponding system directories.  omniORB doesn't seem to do
that on install, however.

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