[Pipet Users] FreeSpeech Test results

Jean-Marc Valin valj01 at gel.usherb.ca
Tue Jan 30 23:40:55 EST 2001

My mail server blocked for a couple days, so I got all the messages in batch, in
the wrong order... Are you still having problems with Overflow or is everything
fine now? BTW, did I say you should track and remove any Overflow library that
was previously installed elsewhere (like /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib)? If there's
still a problem, tell me and I'll try to help.


P.S. Another thing you need to make sure of: The Overflow ABI changes
frequently, so make sure that the Piper version you have is linked to the exact
same version of Overflow that's installed. Otherwise, it's almost guarantied not
to work.

Jean-Marc Valin
Universite de Sherbrooke - Genie Electrique
valj01 at gel.usherb.ca

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