[Pipet Users] Overflow 0.5.0 released

Jean-Marc Valin valj01 at gel.usherb.ca
Thu Jul 5 09:38:45 EDT 2001

> Great work, nice to see you're still continueing to work on Overflow. I
> got a problem though. Compilation of Overflow-0.5.0 goes without any
> problem, but during compilation of Piper I got:
> -----
> In file included from /usr/local/include/ObjectRef.h:8,
>                   from plugin_sensor_PL_main.c:16:
> /usr/local/include/net_types.h:241: type/value mismatch at argument 1 in
> template parameter list for `template <class T> TypeTraits<T>'
> /usr/local/include/net_types.h:241:   expected a type, got `String'
> /usr/local/include/net_types.h:241: explicit specialization of
> non-template `{anonymous struct}'
> /usr/local/include/net_types.h:241: anonymous class type not used to
> declare any objects
> -----
> my C++ knowlegde is too limited to fix this, and I guess this should be
> fixed in the Overflow codebase. Any thoughts?

That's odd... I never got that error. Right now, the quick fix for you would be
to remove the offending line:

(I think it won't cause much side effet for you) while I try to find the
problem. What compiler are you using? I see the file to be
plugin_sensor_PL_main.c, is that C or C++? Also, could you send me the
pre-processed file so I can see what happened with the includes?


P.S. As a general rule when compiling Overflow: if it doesn't compile, remove it
and all the rest is likely to work. For instance, most of the times, you can
remove a .cc (when it's a node implementation) from the Makefile and everything
will keep working (just don't use that Node).

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