[Pipet Users] DL crash

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 17 06:16:35 EDT 2001


I got the new BL code communicating with the DL, which is working fine, 
but after the two layers have connected, the DL dies:

1 Starting definition layer...
2 Starting pied...
3 ior file:  /home/jarl/piper_info/ior/dl2bl.ior
4 Wrote IOR file /home/jarl/piper_info/ior/uil2dl.ior
5 Getting document...
6 error: net LP already existed
7 error: net HP already existed
8 error: net LPC_DECOMP already existed
9 Connecting with the bl...
10 setting up a connection with a unique dl_id...
11 Tue Jul 17 11:59:18 2001 | 224 | Info   | Accepted DL, created area 2
12 got dl_id...
13 Loading crash info...
14 no crash info
15 Adding a Network...
16 Document:ShowNetwork
17 Could not contact the dl, it appears not to be started.
18 The dl must be running before the Gnome user interface.

I added the numbers in front manually, line 11 mains the BL got a corba 
call from the DL and all is well, line 12 is the DL saying it got 
response back from the BL.

I tried tracing this by putting some print's in the dl sources, but 
found nothing because python is a bit confusing to me, could someone say 
something about this, Jeff? Brad?  Any thoughts?


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