[Pipet Users] Re: LWN referenced Piper today

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 24 16:21:05 EDT 2001

Pipers & Michael,

As I was in Denmark too, I didsided to wait till I was home again and 
could have a look at Zope before I was to reply. No that I dicovered I 
need to upgrade my python (and a lot of other python packages) I'll only 
comment on the parts that are not directly related to Zope.

Once I finished upgrading Python I'll get back to the other issues.

>>A quote from one posting[1] suggests you have been considering using XML to
>>define the GUI interface layout.  I also gather from the discussion on the
>>design of the project that the glue to hold the architecture together is
>>CORBA and a primary design goal is to manage workflows.
> Both true.

True, but one might look at 'workflow' in more than one way. Piper is to 
handle application workflow. Other systems might specialise to content 
(Like 'your' CMF, or the firms Yournews.com and Zed.com), or to 
transportation, like Cisco boxes.

But again: I didn't looked at a operational Zope system yet, so excuse 
me for any wrong assumpsions.

>>Managing workflows is a very general problem which also applies to almost any
>>business activity. This generality is a good thing and makes the technology a
>>potential foundation for many projects. 

> Yes.  Piper is perhaps unique in the field for being rather
> general-pupose -- not requiring new or specific programs -- among other
> things.  Bur standards are indeed difficult to create and impossible to
> control or inforce.

I like emphasise the fact that Piper is ment to be general, it's not 
designed to be a system to setup a calculation farm, neither will it be 
specialised for handling content or to use it as a middleware.


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