[Pipet Users] need help compiling piper

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Mon Jul 30 05:15:54 EDT 2001

> Since version 0.5.0, the Overflow include dir changed from 
> $prefix/include to $prefix/include/overflow. 
> This normally shouldn't have broken the build if it was 
> setup correctly. There is a shell script called overflow-config 
> (it works the same way as gnome-config) that
> should return the right flags to put with Overflow. 

The Piper build doesn't use this script since overflow-config
wasn't around when I originally wrote the autoconf stuff; so this
would explain why the build breaks currently. 

I can probably blindly add the overflow-config stuff into the piper
build if ya'll want me to, but it might be better for someone to do it
who is building the code all of the time so that nothing gets messed


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