[Pipet Users] Re: piper

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Mon May 14 19:10:39 EDT 2001

Roland Walker wrote:
> I refer you, as I refer everyone who works on such things, to a truly
> great and completely unknown piece of software called Praxim.  It was
> a replacement for the Program Manager that ran under Windows 3.1.
> Praxim combined many of the best aspects of CLI and GUI, allowing
> operations such as "select all *.txt files but one" as easy to do as
> to say.

I haven't heard of it.

> The company that made it is long dead.

Perhaps that is why I haven't heard of it ;-)

> I'll mail a copy to
> anyone who is interested, but it doesn't work under Windows 95 and
> above.

Great, send it on over.  I'd love to take a look.

> I did bookmark piper but I'm very busy (writing up) just now.  I'll get
> around to giving it a whirl one of these evenings.  I take it I should
> get the CVS sources and not bother with the tarball on ftp.

The tarballs are made from CVS every night.

Also, I have to warn you that Piper is alpha-quality right now, and there are
some heavy dependencies.  We're working on this though.

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