[Pipet Users] Slashdot | RSI, WIMPs and Pipes; What Next?

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at hermes.usherb.ca
Tue Oct 9 00:28:29 EDT 2001

> BTW, I know it's been quiet.  If we don't get further input about
> version
> 0.0.2test1, we will release it and make some announcements about the
> PiedPiper
> desktop project:

Speaking of upcoming release, there's Overflow 0.6.0 coming soon. One of the
most interesting new feature is network support. Although the network stuff in
Piper will be handled by the BL, having network support in Overflow (PL) helps a
lot in testing and designing. In CVS, you can try the socket_listen.n and
socket_connect.n examples, which let you play an MP3 on a machine and listen it
on another (assuming you have at least a 10 Mbps link between!). What's even
cooler is that it's done just by implementing a new C++ stream for sockets, so
you can simply use the << and >> operators as if writing to a file or to the


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