[Pipet Users] Command line frontend

Nathan Callahan njc at bigpond.net.au
Tue Sep 4 05:18:49 EDT 2001


Been following the lists for some time now, anxiously awaiting a new 
piper release so that I can try it out.

But anyway.  I came across a project some time ago (and then promptly 
lost), which may be of interest called Kaptain.  It is a general 
graphical wrapper for command line programs for KDE.


BTW I have tried to get the CVS versions working on a few occasions and 
always run into difficulty somewhere along the line... Didn't want to 
bother anyone, as, although I think piper is an incredibly interesting 
project, i don't have the time to really help at the moment, so I 
haven't been that excited about getting it working.

	Nathan Callahan

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