[Pipet Users] New directions for Piper?

Bret Mogilefsky mogul at gelatinous.com
Thu Feb 20 12:03:22 EST 2003

In light of the statements below:

Highly recommended that you go the DOM2/JS/CSS route, particularly as
you can have the best of both worlds.  Dragging widgets around in a
cross-browser compatible way is easily possible now:
http://www.youngpup.net/ (See "Components:DOM-Drag")


PS: Maturing SVG support means you can even make your widgets pretty:
http://www.croczilla.com/svg/ (Note interactive shape/curve examples)

On Thu, 2003-02-20 at 04:50, J.W. Bizzaro wrote:
> I agree and have even made that argument myself when describing the 
> Piper desktop project I was working on.  I have found, however, that (1) 
> being able to shift nodes around quickly and interactively may be fun 
> but is really not that important, (2) with imagemaps and pop-up windows, 
> I can get pretty much the same features, and (3) the big killer: 
> everyone has such different hardware and software configurations (and 
> sits at so many different computers), that *anything* that can run 
> without a download is a GreatThing[tm], for them and for me.
> > If you really want to stick with a browser-based approach and
> > can't stand distributing a client (Python+GTK?), then look into Javascript,
> > DOM2 and CSS that can provide you with many missing parts (drag and drop,
> > refreshing parts of the screen only, etc.)
> I haven't looked into using DOM2 with HTML.  I'll check it out.  Thanks.

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