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Access to the *Number One Success System* website and participation in the
activity are by DIRECT, PERSONAL INVITATION ONLY. If you have been invited
to view the website, you are a special person indeed and have been given a
tremendous gift, perhaps far greater than you can imagine.
*Real Property Administrator* or RPA designation is a professional
designation offered by the Building Owners and Manager's Institute.
Candidates for the RPA designation must complete a total of eight academic
courses and must have completed three years of verifiable property
management work. The academic courses are offered online, as a self-paced
textbook study, and in weekend accelerated courses. The eight courses
consist of the following six mandatory courses:

   1. Budgeting and Accounting
   2. Real Estate Investment and Finance
   3. Environmental Health and Safety Issues
   4. Law and Risk Management
   5. The Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part I
   6. The Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part II

In addition to the six mandatory courses, an elective must be chosen from
the following three courses:

   - Leasing and Marketing for Property Managers
   - Fundamentals of Real Property Administration
   - Asset Management

Finally, the Ethics Is Good Business(r) ShortCourseTM must also be taken.

The three years of work experience must occur at a property 40,000 square
feet or larger.
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