[Proteopedia] Script compiler error

Angel Herraez angel.herraez at uah.es
Fri Jan 30 05:39:40 EST 2009

lsprilus at weizmann.ac.il wrote:

> The surface shows up now. Very nice, although it takes so long that your
> warning at the top might not be enough for keeping people on the same page.

I haven't looked at the source code, but this may help:
the sensible thing for pre-programmed surfaces in web pages is to 
have Jmol save them as jvxl files, then make the page load that file -
- much faster than calculating it every time.

Also, I would add a message inside Jmol itself while the model loads. 
It is discouraging to have a white empty square. See

You could also add a warning (using echo) while the surface is 
calculated or loaded.

A typo:
"of the hemes by toogling off the spin"
should be "toggling", right?

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