[Proteopedia] Script compiler error

Karl Oberholser oberhols at messiah.edu
Fri Jan 30 09:30:42 EST 2009

When in the SAT I open the Jmol console and send the commands to make the
surface through the console and then save the scene that was generated.

>>> "Angel Herraez" <angel.herraez at uah.es> 1/30/2009 9:19 AM >>>
Karl has said (in jmol-users list) that it may not be possible in PP 
Scene Auuthoring Tools to have the surface precalculated as I was 

Can some of you with experience in PP-SAT comment on how you are 
doing the surfaces? I may give a hint then as to how to have them pre-
saved into files.
More precisely, is everything done in the SAT environment, or are/can 
you edit(ing) the script file manually?

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