[Proteopedia] questioning accuracy of list of updated pages

Angel Herraez angel.herraez at uah.es
Tue Feb 10 04:23:46 EST 2009

I second that proposal.

El 10 Feb 2009 a las 7:00, Dan Bolser escribió:

> 2009/2/10 Kevin Karplus <karplus at soe.ucsc.edu>:
> > Please don't send daily updates to proteopedialist---I would have to
> > unsubscribe if the list started including automatically generated e-mail.
> If it were only once a month I don't see why this would be a problem.
> Else, perhaps you could create a 'PP-changes' list that gave one email
> for every edit like the CVS lists for developers?
> Dan.

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