[Proteopedia] Question about edits made to 'seed' data on a structure page?

Dan Bolser dan.bolser at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 20:27:11 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Sorry if this topic has come up before, but I'd like to ask about some
details of how the Proteopedia robot (bot) works. If I understand
correctly, the bot takes data from the OCA and creates a 'seed' wiki
page in Proteopedia. This process is triggered when a new protein is
released into the PDB (presumably when it gets added to the OCA). My
question is, if the 'seed' data for a protein changes in OCA/PDB, do
the changes get written (updated) to the wiki? If so, do you take
steps to avoid overwriting user contributions to that page, including
edits of the seed data itself?

I'm curious how you handle this specifically, because in general its
not a simple problem. I believe users can edit data derived from a
static database, and those edits could (in theory) be written back to
the database or merged (where possible) with new versions of the
record. Else conflicts could be flagged for attention. Else edits (or
updates) of this data should not be allowed. I think that although any
of these options is OK, the choice of which option is implem should be
discussed and described somewhere.

Sorry for the technical question, but its an issue which interests me
in general (i.e. its a common problem for all 'scientific-wikis').


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