[Proteopedia] Getting Unremediated PDB Files updated at Proteopedia

Wayne Decatur wdecatur at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 9 17:40:02 EDT 2009

Given the newer round of remiediation, I have updated the page on getting unremediated files from the PDB - Getting Unremediated PDB Files. Hopefully this better reflects the current state.

Perhaps though the banner currently highlighting this problem can be changed to reflect that scenes using 'nucleic acid' and not just DNA are affected by the March 17th update of the PDB?
Eric Martz's convenience site says that PDB files containing RNA are not affected for Protein Explorer, however, this is the case for Proteopedia given my pages involving 1rpu and 2az0? See http://tr.im/iwU9 and http://tr.im/iwTL, respectively.
It is an 'RNA World' afterall... (sung to 'It's a Small World' melody).


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