[Proteopedia] Collaboration

Eran Hodis eran.hodis at weizmann.ac.il
Tue May 12 04:48:34 EDT 2009

Hi Everyone,

Proteopedia now has over 400 registered users (423 listed currently),  
and for as long as I can remember not a day goes by without several  
edits by several users appearing on the "Recent Changes" page.  This  
is really exciting as our contributions, as authors, to individual  
Proteopedia pages are all the more meaningful when the entire resource  
itself is continually improving.  Good work!

Several educators (undergraduate and graduate) have used Proteopedia  
as a forum for their students to create final project presentations on  
assigned proteins (see an example at http://www.proteopedia.org/wiki/index.php/Triose_Phosphate_Isomerase) 

and contributions from several SMART (Students Modeling A Research  
Topic) teams all over the US have allowed high school students in the  
program working with a teacher and a grad school mentor to 'publish'  
their projects and create great pages such as this one: http://www.proteopedia.org/wiki/index.php/A_Physical_Model_of_the_β2-Adrenergic_Recepto 

We're also very proud to have the "Currently featured article" on the  
Main Page deal with a topic relevant to current events - Swine and  
bird flu. Eric Martz deserves the credit for creating the excerpt for  
the 'Currently featured article' as well as for the linked page he  
started called 'Avian Influenza Neuraminidase, Tamiflu and Relenza' --  
Great job Eric!

One thing we're lacking in some measure, though, is collaboration.  
Many pages have one author -- and could benefit from the critical  
edits of a 2nd or 3rd author. For instance improving the green scene  
links would much improve this page on Factor IX: http://www.proteopedia.org/wiki/index.php/Factor_IX 
, and improving those green scene links would not require as much time- 
investment as creation of a new page, presuming that the text is  
accurate. Any takers?

Please do not feel any hesitation in editing "someone else's page".  
Through collaboration we can improve each other's work (or at least  
try to :) ). Remember that you can click on the "watch" tab at the top  
of any Proteopedia page to receive an email notice whenever that page  
is changed -- if you have a page that is near and dear to your heart,  
you might want to know whenever someone makes an edit to that page.

Comments, ideas?


Eran Hodis
eran.hodis at weizmann.ac.il

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