[Proteopedia] Automatic listing of substantial new pages?

Eric Martz emartz at microbio.umass.edu
Tue May 12 11:40:50 EDT 2009

I think it is very useful to have a list of new articles that have 
substantial manually-authored content.
The "New Articles" page I started, that requires manual updating, may 
never get updated again :-(
It is a lot of work to check all the edited articles and put in a 
description, in the correct month, for each one that has substantial 
content. And the amount of work keeps increasing as the number of 
active users increases (a good thing!).

Would it be possible to automatically generate a list each month of 
non-PDB code, non-Sandbox pages with more than a certain number of 
edits (edits not by OCA)? Then such pages could be listed -- perhaps 
month by month, if the number of edits in a specified date range is available.

I would not require green links, since some pages are useful without 
them (e.g. Resolution).

This mechanism would not be perfect but should be much better than 
what we have now, and would exclude most "stubs".


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