[Proteopedia] Fix typos and edit "others'" pages without hesitation!

Eran Hodis eran.hodis at weizmann.ac.il
Thu May 14 06:17:57 EDT 2009

Fixing a typo on a page won't put your name first in the contributors  
list anymore. (We can thank Jaim for that.)

This means: feel free to fix typos, knowing that you will not find  
your name jumping in front of the name of the person that spent  
serious time creating the page.

I hope this will encourage more collaboration, and more editing of  
pages that have only 1 author so far.

I want to stress very strongly that the ordering of the Contributors  
should not be interpreted as their level of contribution to the page.  
It is simply a list of those users who have edited that page.


Eran Hodis
eran.hodis at weizmann.ac.il

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