[Proteopedia] requests

ramiro ramiro.barrantes at uvm.edu
Thu Jun 11 15:41:59 EDT 2009


I have been using proteopedia a lot and plan to submit the site along 
with my paper.  Thanks so much, it was a great idea.

I have some ideas/requests that have come up throughout my use, I am 
ordering from most to less relevant:
1) Can one put some kind of title in the applet that can change with the 
scene?   This comes up a lot when I am switching structures, and a 
common question is which structure I am using, so it would be nice to be 
able to display that somewhere
2) Is it possible to open an internal link on a separate page?  For 
example, if I want to point to [[1tdh]], how do I make it open a 
separate tab or page and not the same one?
3) Is it possible to make newlines when putting labels?  Sometimes a 
single line is too long


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