[R-repo-dev] Infra changes

Pierre-Yves pingou at pingoured.fr
Mon May 10 08:08:41 EDT 2010

On Mon, 2010-05-10 at 06:36 +0100, Dan Bolser wrote:
> I cant say that I follow all the details, but it sounds good. Should I
> continue following the instructions on the wiki (I think I got to
> about step 2)?
hm in fact the src.rpm that you have downloaded will probably not work
(make the test and you will see) because of this md5 -> sha1 issue.

It would then be easier to cvs co r-repo and to use the r-repo/specs
folder created.

I have just uploaded 3 scripts into the scripts folder:
- GenerateRpmOfRepo -> Read the PACKAGES file of a repo (or several) and
generate all the RPM possible using R2rpm -p
- GenerateSrcRpmOfSpec -> For a given folder, reads all the spec files,
download the sources and generate all the src.rpm possible
- generateRpm -> Generate all RPM from a list given in a simple file
using R2rpm -p

You will want to use the GenerateSrcRpmOfSpec to build the srpm from the
spec file and then build the rpm from the srpm as described in the wiki.

I will update the scripts to add them an USAGE.

You can use the cvs to upload your R script if you like.
(And I am more and more thinking that we actually need this script)


PS: If I have lost some of you, please let me know I will try to be

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